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Duffy Coke ad

I'm utterly baffled by the popularity of Duffy, a Welsh singer whose claim to fame is one radio-friendly chill-out single, a cod-Motown wigout and a boring album I've heard twice and can't remember a thing about.

Apparently she's won some awards recently, purely by dint of not being utterly terrible it would seem to me. As such she's reached that stage in her career that seems common these days where someone is propelled from being reasonably popular to Zombie-Elvis-riding-Shergar levels of fame and fortune in an instant.

And there's surely nothing that cements one's fame beyond being cast in the latest of an apparently-famous ad series. Diet Coke seems to have carved out a niche for itself in this way by having a series of numbing adverts featuring hardbody builders drinking coke while gaggles of office workers look on damply. Guinness, Levis, Dairy Milk and BT currently enjoy this sort of what-will-they-think-of-next? niche. Past holders include Flake, Oxo and PG Tips. So, it must be a good sign for Duffy's career that she's been singled out to appear in the latest Coke advert, bearing the inexplicably irritating slogan "Hello you".

I find this motto insufferably smug in its meaninglessness, but that's by-the-bye. The focus of the ad is Duffy herself riding around on a bike looking and sounding like a duck singing 'I gotta be me'. She cycles out of a gig venue in an infuriatingly faux-kooky style because she's just so individual and empowered and unique. Having biked it around the local supermarket she rides back to the venue, taking a swig of the tasty saccharine beverage on the way back to the stage.

It might be the worst advert ever, and even Youtube's viewers – usually akin to particularly suggestible sheep - seem to think it's a stinker. I find it hard to explain what irks me so much about ads in general, and this one specifically, but it's probably something to do with the way we're so complicit in being so thoroughly duped by mediocre talent and rapacious companies intent on force-feeding us such sugary pleased-with-itself mind-rotter. (Note to Coca Cola lawyers: I mean television advertising, obviously).

It's heartening that even Coca Cola's target demographic have given this one the finger, though I'm still insulted that this advert ever got beamed into my front room.

If you search on Youtube there's even a 'Making of Duffy Coke ad' video, for the love of God. What this four-minute video can possibly offer to the sum total of human endeavour is beyond me and I'd rather shoot myself in the face than watch it.

Not content with this awful advert featuring a mediocre talent embarking on a journey so implausible as to be insulting to buy a horrible drink that offers us a hollow maxim, we're expected to lap up the making-of documentary too. Show mercy.

• Since Warner Brothers are intent on wasting everyone's time with takedown notices on this video, I've had to include a rather unfunny parody video of the Duffy Coke ad, but you get the idea.

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  • Anonymous

    did anyone else notice that about a couple of months after this advert was released, the song was rerecorded for the advert? she now sounds alot less ducky, but still somewhat ducky.

    its basically a really shit advert.

  • richard

    mediocre talent that to be quite frank ive heard a million times over in my local karaoke bar on a sunday night..and they deserve a tenner. God help our ears if she releases another pile of 'screechy donald duck impressions' and she is going to need a big leg up from somewhere to even sniff the crotch of any Brit Awards…maybe thats why she has hooked up with a 'rugby player' to try and boost her not so cool image…as at 25 she is looking at least 10yrs older.

  • alison

    most if not all of her music is covers of obscure 60s tracks.anyone could punt out that shart with the right backing,the question is why pick her?i find her voice so irritating i find myself involuntarily shouting at the radio/tv for her to shut up when i hear her catterwailing.please stop now DUFF-y

  • Gareth

    I was more disturbed by the 'making of' than the ad itself, for revealing the tru awfulness behind this pointless ad:

  • Anonymous

    I Toatly disagree with All The Posts I Think Duffy Is Incredibly Tallented Any Unique. I Loved Her Album And Now Am Going To listen To The Coke Advert. I Bet You Lot just Listen To Hyped Up Dance Music(AKA Hamster om helium) And You Guys Are Just Closed Minded Meanies

  • Elle

    Is it just me or is the girl in the car better at singing than duffy… wow…

    I find her extremely irritable and this ad just pushed me over the edge

  • Anonymous

    I have heard better sounds coming from a cat that I trod on its tail, it is horrendous to ones ears, I wouldnt curse my worse enemy to listen to that in hell for all eternity.
    Please destroy that ad and Duffy.

  • Anonymous

    Love the article – hate the advert, and I thought it was just me who found Duffy a bit duff! Complete and utter rubbish – who on earth agreed to this stinker??

  • Matt Forde

    How anyone can enjoy listening to the gravel-throated harpy is beyond me? I’ve heard octogenarians’ death-rattles that are more soothing to the ears.

    Great article by the way.

  • neogrey

    horrendous. This is probably the winner in the “Most Annoying Ad of The Year”.

  • Anonymous

    A sheep…or maybe a creaky old door?

  • Anonymous

    I did actually like her and took her seriously as an artist.. until this advert.

    Now she’s just made herself look incredibly stupid and has lost all credibility.

    I would even go as far as to say this is potentially career-ending stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I think Duffy looks and sounds like a a Sheep lol.

  • Chris

    I’m a fan of Duffy… and that was awful. At first, I thought it would be a decent pastiche of Marianne Faithful from “Girl on a Motorcycle” but it turns out to be a rather poor decision from Duffy and her manager.

    And to think she said no to singing a Bond theme?

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