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Worst Advert Of 2009: Results

Predictably Go Compare, the current Death Star of shit TV adverts, ran away with the award for worst advert of 2009.

Over a third of you voted the chirpy tenor straight to the top of the year's most awful, annoying and smug adverts. And Christ was there competition.

My own bete noir, the Samsung Fucking Jet ad, spoke to me on a much more fundamentally disturbing level, as if I were looking into the very eye of some form of abstract quintessence of evil.

On the other hand the Duffy Coke ad showcased what a duck would look like if it went on a by-law flouting bicycle trip to a supermarket in search of some fizzy pop.

Frankly, they're all fucking terrible. I expect when Samsung takes over the world I'll be strapped into a chair, Alex DeLarge-style, and forced to endure them forever. Ho hum

Full results of the shittest advert 2009 poll:

Go Compare - 33.5%
Samsung Fucking Jet - 20.5%
T-Mobile - 11.4%
Duffy Coke - 11.4%
Gillette Phenom - 8%
Natwest - 5.1%
118 118 - 4%
Pot noodle - 2.8%
Red Driving School - 2.3%
Direct Line - 1.1%

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  • Ruby Rosamund

    All worthy finalists. I'm kind of sad Duffy didn't win but I guess at least she was kinder on the ears if not the eyes!

  • LJQuinny

    The most spectacularly bad thing about that SFJ ad is that they bought spots on the Guardian website so people had to endure it while they were waiting to watch the piece of film they actually wanted to watch…

    Samsung media agency…
    Media moron 1: Right, we've got this campaign about waiting, let's brainstorm ideas on that.
    Media moron 2: Oh oh oh, I've got one. What about those reeeeeeally annoying spots you have to sit through against your will on the guardian site while you're WAITING to watch a piece of film?
    Media idiot 1: Bosh, bosh and bosh. That's why you make the big bucks baby! Now let's go for lunch.


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