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Perle de Lait yoghurt advert

Stop eating the fucking yoghurt then!

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  • Fiona Miles

    I knew this ad would be here on this website as any one who could carry on eating something they did not like clearly has shit for brains. This and the halifax ads make me hit the mute button I really want to punch all the participants of these wastes of air time off the box……

  • durrrrrr

    yoghurt is sour until it is sweetened! dur!

    • Sam Hamer

      What a coincidence.

  • What a CRAP advert

    Basic translation:
    “I used to eat extremely sour yoghurt, and you could tell I wasn’t happy about it! Then I discovered Pere De Lait!”

    REAL translation:
    “I used to eat extremeley sour yoghurt, because I was too bloody stupid to figure out the expiration date, then somebody told me how, and my Perle De Lait tasted as good as that crap can taste! It didn’t stop me pulling many stupid faces, though!”

  • I agree!

    I totally agree. I hate this ad. I hate the horrible faces she pulls and her stupid voice. It makes me want to punch her face!Or else we could put her in one of those dunking machines they used to use in children’s TV shows and dunk her with the crap. Or just punch her.

  • The Ad Hater

    Yes, thanks for bringing up this advert. I absolutely detest this crappy ad! The voice of the woman is just bloody annoying and since when are yoghurts SOUR?! This is just a French ad with BADLY DUBBED OVER English! I hate these kind of adverts.

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