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PETA Makes Women Fellate and Lick Phallic Veg

Does anything say 'consider the ethical implications of mechanised farming' like a load of models sucking carrots as if they're cocks?

Fucking pathetic stuff from PETA, who should be ashamed of themselves.

Here's a previous effort, and how Jezebel saw it:

As one blonde woman throws off her jacket and proceeds to caress some asparagus, drawing it down her stomach and toward her crotch, another scantily-clad woman licks a pumpkin. Yet another toys seductively with some broccoli. As crappy faux-metal music plays, words flash across the screen: "Studies show vegetarians have better sex." The message is clear: ladies love their vegetables.

It all turned out to be a deliberate publicity stunt. Stupid stunts.

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