AdTurds Bad Adverts – Badverts

22Feb/112 Redux

-We just kissed dignity goodbye, quick quick
-We just sold our souls, quick quick.
-Twatty, shitty, ***y, twunty
-We just look like twats, quick quick.

-I just sold my car, shit deal
-I just sold my car, how much?
-Fuck all; shit call

-We just sold our car; risky
-We just sold our car; dodgy

-Although we weren't aware of the administration fee that costs £49.99*. And we had to get to their dealership to pick the car up ourselves. And I received a below-par valuation for my car that would have fetched more at private sale. And we were warned by other customers - who posted all over the internet - of the pushy sales techniques at the dealership we took the car to, where they downgraded the offer significantly, having kicked a tyre and mumbled something about a dodgy head gasket. And they don't buy Category A or B write-offs.

-Quick! Quick!

*Although after an Advertising Standards Authority ruling against they did amend their advertising accordingly. Still, why ruin such a delightful ditty?