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Good Adverts: BHF Ad Saves 28 Lives

I always thought this advert featuring Vinnie Jones resuscitating someone to the tune of the Bee Gees' Staying Alive was an absolute cracker - and said so at the time.

However there were quite a few people who seemed to disagree, on the basis that amateurs shouldn't try CPR in case they somehow made a situation that involved someone dying of a cardiac arrest even worse.

So I'm chuffed to see a new set of ads that show the results of the original ad. Apparently at least 28 lives have been saved as a direct result of people following the instructions on the advert - and several of them are telling their stories in this latest spot.

It's genuinely touching to hear how strangers, mates, colleagues, family members and partners saved lives by applying something they'd heard on advert.

I don't have much more to add, apart from reaffirming just how good I think these ads are in communicating a simple message memorably - I can see 'doing a Vinnie' entering modern parlance at this rate.

The results? 28 people walking around who wouldn't be otherwise. Job done.#

Find out more about hands-only CPR

# Not quite actually. Here's Mini Vinnie teaching kids about hands-only CPR, cos it isn't taught in all schools. While the concept of these ads is great, the execution really matches it - this lad looks like he should be starring in the remake of Scum or something. Excellent work.

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