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Louise Redknapp: Shaved

The Redknapp family are such serial offenders on adverts that there's a whole section on this site devoted to them. In amongst brands like Go Compare, Marks and Spencer, McDonalds and the like there's one sticking out like a sore thumb: Redknapp. That's how much advertising they do. Thomas Cook, Nintendo, The S*n.

I used to crunch the Google queries that sent people to this blog, only to find the following one day in 2011:

how stupid is louise rednapp

how thick is jamie redknapp

Alas, I can't comment either way, though a mate used to serve a lonely Jamie cocktails in his Spice Boy days while he waited for Louise to fulfil her contractual obligations and reported that he was both a nice guy and a good tipper. If I were to suggest a tip for him, it's for his not wholly unlikeable clan to get off my television already. They are as ubiquitous as Benedict Cumberbatch and surely it's not unfair to say a millionth as talented. Take this latest effort for Wilkinson Sword.

What am I missing here? The content of this ad seems to bear no relationship to the product being sold. How does shaving your legs free up time to sit in a garden and wank on about your amazing but 'i'm just a normal human being and real Mum' life while shitting gold bricks and scrawling your mark on another shit advertising campaign.

And, as a friend pointed out, in what way is Jamie Redknapp demanding in the context of this advert? Other than pubic depilation, which is the only reason I can think of for the coy laugh.

Still, it's nice to hear that her day only 'gets better' once she's packed the husband and kids off.

Either way – like every other campaign the Redknapps are associated with, not to mention Jamie's ill-fitting M&S suits and piano-black ties – it's a complete misfire.

'Be spontaneous!' is the strapline. As in 'human combustion' it's to be hoped.

Hat-tip: Chimp

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