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Nationwide Poetry Adverts: Fixed

Nationwide poetry adverts

I really hate these Nationwide poetry adverts, they're so pleased with themselves. You can tell they're gunning for winsome, joyous, authentic but they just make me want to give everyone involved a Chinese burn.

You hated them too - they were officialy the fourth worst advert of the year according to the Great British public.

I don't bear any ill-will to the people featured in them - being vile to strangers on the internet is one of the more depressing phenomena of our time - so my apologies in advance to Heather. I hope your allotment thrives, your son gets his home and eats his carrots. But I never want to hear your poem ever again.

So I fixed it for you. For everyone with ears, in fact.

  • john rain

    Pathetic! After stitching people up with PPIs, the UK’s shitty banks still spend the money they stole from public on shitty ads. Don’t I hate this country!!!

  • Al Habard

    These poems make me want to be violent! And why are they nearly all Northeners? Nationwide? Eat a dick!

    • hardjackson

      Research shows that people find northern accents more trustworthy.

  • danicali

    absolutely effing HATE the nationwide advert with that Mancunian creep going on about arm bands – want to throw something at my telly every time that p**ck comes on

  • Sue de Nym

    Completely agree. These adverts are absolutely nothing to do with the thing they are advertising. It is just Nationwide trying to sound righteous which for a bank is rich indeed. I would never choose them as a bank as they must think the general public are idiots. So irritating.

    • danicali

      the problem is too many spoiled, middle class twenty somethings in advertising – it’s an ageist job and it shouldn’t be because you get so many juvenile, irritating adverts

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