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Beautiful Balls Dove Advert Parody

Guess which I prefer.

The original Dove advert

The parody

Some more...


Diesel’s 10-year anniversary not-porn SFW XXX viral

This is a stone cold internet meme that will hardly be new to seasoned media nodes, but it bears repeating for just how superbly conceived and executed it is.

Not many things make me laugh out loud, but the mouth organ, accordion, corn-on-the-cob and Skittles bits here do.

I expect at some point this vid would have hit a brick wall at some point in most companies - even in the more edgy ones there's probably someone high up baulking at a video like this that, let's face it, references and virtually shows a lot of hard-core shenanigans. It takes a brave outfit to slap your name all over it.

So, well done to Diesel. No doubt that twonk Alex Zane will make making a shit joke about on Channel 4 very soon.

NB. While Diesel branded this 'safe for work' it is by no stretch of the imagination safe for the majority of workplace PCs.

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