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Tell me about the worst advert currently on television - the one that really grinds your gears, the one that makes you switch off, hurl obscenities at the television or simply throw yourself out of the window.

The Admiral advert, Tesco advert or Just Eat advert? Or long-running series from the likes of Money Supermarket, or Go Compare? Or simply the newest thing that had you gouging your face in annoyance.

I'll try to track down the worst offenders and give them the AdTurds treatment. It won't change anything - but it might make you feel very slightly better about the world.

Browse the old comment section - with over 1100 comments complaining about adverts - for more misnathropy.

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  • George RoPer

    Vodaphone advert with the Hobbit in it (Martin Freeman). So cringingly bad that my eyes water each time.

    • dan

      Absolutely, the “joke” isn’t even delivered well. I feel that his heart isn’t really in it and he’s abit embarassed about even doing this crap. I have started to swap channels once this one starts, it makes me cringe so hard my face hurts.

  • Bart Littlebird

    Aaaagh! The latest Wowcher abomination. What is it with adverts with shouty Americans in them? It drives me nuts! Just shut up and go away!!

  • Sharon Presland

    The everything5pounds website. This incredibly annoying woman that manages to put my back up the very second she opens her vulgar mouth to say “o em gee!” . Yes, all class.

  • Sharon Presland

    The one where that mum wins money out of a pack ofcrisps and swiftly proceeds to embarras her kids with this godawful hip hop cringefest all round the ‘hood. Eeew.

  • Sharon Presland

    No veneer in’ere!!! MY GOD JUST STOP THAT!!!!

    • Vega DA

      Definitely! Everything about those adverts annoys me – the awful music, the repetition, the prices of the crap furniture they’re flogging … has anybody also noticed that the roles of the two ‘stars’ has switched around? In the first few adverts it was the older guy who was incompetant and the young trainee doing things properly. Now the younger one is the idiot. Just make it stop!

  • Jon Harris

    I hate that mawkish bollox song ‘you are you are youa arre”…from the advert…utter
    sloppy nonsense.

    • Bart Littlebird

      Yes, I really hate that. It keeps getting stuck in my head. As well as that horrendous J D Williams ‘Aaawoooo!’ song. Gaaaaah!

  • dan

    And another thing (on a roll here) “I didn’t even know oral b made a toothpaste! It’s what my dentist, who isnt a dentist but an actress I have seen in some drama or other, recommends”. Plus the sister ad to it, “hips, arse, face or whatever, I know how to keep my body healthy but what about my blatantly obvious veneers?” I may have paraphrased a bit but yeah, toothpaste adverts with these being the worst offenders.

  • dan

    I have two, firstly, it’s probably been mentioned previously but any of the “brand power” (buchanan group) adverts. Dated, patronising and deceitful, going back to an era when they tried to tell you it was some kind of public service anouncement, certainly not an advertisement. Ha!

    Secondly the tesco “food love story” tripe, apart from being vomit inducely saccharine, again they are deceitful. As if anyone actually believes the “real” people in them are anything but actors hired for a role dreamed up by some ad exec trying to cash in on the food porn trend started by the likes of nigella etc. At best they are ignorable, but at worst they make me want to break things. They are everywhere, even popping up on the radio, two particular ones are the nanas magic soup (my grandson hates all this so I’ll blitz it up and give him a bowl of this shit, which he loves) any parent knows that their kid would be pestering for maccy d’s. Also the casually sexist “tricked you salmon”, (my husbands an idiot he doesn’t know that fish is good for you, anti men sexism is apparently okay in advertising). There are so many god awful, patronising adverts about at the moment that i honestly struggled just to pick two.

  • Matt

    The latest McDonalds advert with the mum and lad who’s dad is dead and the only similarity to his dead dad is that he gets tartar sauce on his chin is truly awful

  • Jon Harris

    I hate all bingo ads, especially Foxy Bingo…cheesy naff bollox….using uber camp Northern accents

    • Paul LJ Catlow

      The one with Heather Graham lip-synching a fake “cheerful-chappy salt-of-the-earth” accent. Ye Gods, is she so broke she has to do this stuff?

    • dan

      Add to this the ever increasing amount of gambling website ads in general. Bingo ones always have the naff northern accented women, nothing against girls from up north, just the relentless use of the accent on those “girls just wanna have fun type adverts”. Then the other gambling ads are trying convince you, you’re some kind of high roller in vegas and not at ALL some loser sitting on his sofa in his grundies, pissing his money away into some debt machine. Which they’ve conveniently let you do through your phone, good times, wasting money on cgi roulette in the bogs at work, on bus or wherever really. If people read small print these companies would fall flat on their faces, free 30 pound bonus (small print says you cant withdraw winnings until you’ve wagered anythimg from 30 to 90 times that amount!). I have alot of vitriol for these people as one of my longest and closest friends nearly got into serious debt problems after being suckered in by their innocent fun and glamorous winners style ads.

  • adam

    Every bank pretending to practically be a charity and claiming their doing the world good. Fuck you nationwide, lloyds etc (the worst 2 offenders). You are all out there to mug people off with shit they can’t afford to pay back, and the general public aren’t all that fucking thick they believe the bullshit spewing out of your adverts. So put a fucking sock in it. You’re a bank NOT A CHARITY.

    • Paul LJ Catlow

      Lloyds. Our hand in your pocket since 1750-something. Proving whoever gets screwed in a crisis or a recession it’s never going to be us.

    • Jon Harris

      Well said adam…:-)

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