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Tell me about the worst advert currently on television - the one that really grinds your gears, the one that makes you switch off, hurl obscenities at the television or simply throw yourself out of the window.

The Admiral advert, Tesco advert or Just Eat advert? Or long-running series from the likes of Money Supermarket, or Go Compare? Or simply the newest thing that had you gouging your face in annoyance.

I'll try to track down the worst offenders and give them the AdTurds treatment. It won't change anything - but it might make you feel very slightly better about the world.

Browse the old comment section - with over 1100 comments complaining about adverts - for more misnathropy.

Do your worst - but keep it civil. No personal abuse - and anything that smacks of bigotry in any way will be deleted and the user banned. That means:

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  • Sharon Presland

    The new Euromillions ad with that creepy nerd sticking his fingers in all those pies… it just came on and I think I just puked a little in my mouth… eeeew…

  • Sharon Presland

    I know it’s too late for worst adturd of 2017 but if the vile singing sisters from that bank advert don’t win 2018 I will be shocked. I don’t even think I can dessecrate this page by actually TALKING about them any more. When their adverts come on, I just sit there staring in disbelief that someone actually thought this horror was OK.

  • Sharon Presland

    Just had to suffer the latest offering from SHOUTY SCOTT!!! calling!! Something!!! SHINETASTIC!!! Someone just shut him up already…

  • Jon Harris

    I hate the Indeed job site advert. making out some dronish job.
    disrespect to being a waiter , but. a career opportunity it is not. Like other ‘jobshite ‘ websites, they just pump out bullshit.

  • Ian Bailey

    While I am at it – Lorraine Bloody Kelly on the Wayfair advert. Also, what the bloody hell type of exercise is the stupid woman on the advert doing?

    • Vega DA

      It’s the “don’t do anything too fast or energetic because I won’t be able to keep up and talk at the same time” exercise plan. Must be the latest craze now that zumba seems to have calmed down …

  • Ian

    The Cow & Gate baby food advert when the parents are singing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ out of key. If they can’t play the piano or xylophone then don’t subject everyone to it – what does this teach your kids? Think of the children! Will somebody please think of the children!!!

  • Sharon Presland

    The one with Josie Porter tearing up like a post traumatic disorder sufferer at the utter, abject, all consuming, life changing, soul destroying misery of having-wait for it… pimples.. The drama!! if that is all you have to cry about, you have a blessed life indeed!

  • Vega DA

    Those Hungry House adverts … populated exclusively by the last people I would ever want to share a meal with.

    “You guys enjoy eating and talking bullshit, I’m taking mine into another room away from you”.

  • Sharon Presland

    SCHPOCK IT! Or however you may spell this horror. She screams it over and over until you physically cannot take it any more. It’s more like STOP IT. F… STOP IT and go to hell. Please?

    • Vega DA

      Hope the Roddenberry estate and Leonard Nimoy’s estate are getting a share of the profits …

  • Bart Littlebird

    Is it just me or are those two girls wearing the sunglasses and riding a tricycle in the Haven advert super creepy? *shudder*

  • a nony mouse

    Fiftylife advert has to have the worst acting ever seen. Nobody stands that close together when talking let alone a father and daughter. Boils my piss this does.

    • Rebecca Flowers

      Not worse than Dad and June on Sun Life ad, surely to goodness?

  • Sharon Presland

    The one with the pompous game playing dad and dopey son and the infuriatingly smug and vulgar mum that lures them to the table at the shrug of “Spag Bol anyone?”. Puke.

    • Rebecca Flowers

      Especially seeing as Dolmio is revolting slop that you could make for a fraction of the price yourself with better ingredients and about one kilo less sugar

  • Sharon Presland

    The Marmite one with the mother and daughter yelling at each other on the stairs like some Jeremy Kyle Show tribute. Definitely a HATER, Marmite. Even more so now.

  • Sharon Presland

    The Macarena -dancing bunch of cringebots in the Mecca Bingo advert. On every. single.break. WHY? Whatever have we ever done to you?

  • James Hobbs

    First Choice rapping family advert. Never has the mute button been hit so hard when that advert comes on (well, maybe whatever Argos advert is on at the moment too).

    And the strapline? ‘Go Mahoosive With The All Inclusive’. The crimes committed in that line alone without the need for the appalling advert needs little further discussion.

    I brought it up here about a year ago but the Fibre One ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ bewilderment is back on our screens. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song so badly shoehorned into its surroundings.

  • Mark

    What a spectacularly annoying ad this is. I just want to make and receive calls, and with some reluctance send and receive texts. Apple, go fuck yourselves.

    • Vega DA

      I feel sorry for the actress in this advert, does anybody normal move their head like that? Presumably she has to risk snapping her neck in order to get the idiotic cartoon nightmare-inducing things to move as well … and just … WHY?!

      We’ve already got a generation of kids who can’t string a sentence together, now with this crap they don’t even have to try.

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