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McDonalds? Nah, you’re alright

Some adverts go beyond being a bit shit or annoying, they're actually egregious. Offensive, even.

The notion that horrible burgers can mend bridges between families is not only ridiculous, it's also insulting and just wrong. Side-serving of emotional manipulation with your fries, sir?

As it goes I do have McDonalds in common with loads of people. Like millions of others - and for very good reasons indeed - I wouldn't be seen dead in one.

Sugar-flavoured empty-calorie gackburger? Nah, you're alright.

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What adverts should really say

There are some new mocked-up adverts floating around the web at the moment - based on the idea of ads saying what they really mean. So MacDonalds one says 'you deserve it' or something, which isn't really far off what the real ones say. They're quite funny but a bit cutesy and hardly irreverent - and the effect on my brain was to send me off in a rather different direction.

I thought I'd have a go myself - not being averse to a bit of Photoshoppery in my day - but, having fucked around with a few layers, I decided to drop any pretence of sophistication and came up with the following rag-tag efforts.

They display the entire gamut of what amounts to any wit I may have - showcasing my phenomenal grasp of political satire and almost dadaist use of toilet humour to subvert corporate Britain.


Rice Krispies


The Sun





With apologies to John Carpenter and Rowdy Roddy Piper

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