Pepsi asteroid sexual assault advert

Hey guys, why not trick women into having sex with you? Afterwards you can conduct a post-snatch analysis with your Bromances and share a Pepsi! Hilarious!

Meh, all snarking aside I wonder if the reaction of any beautiful women upon learning that the world was about to end would be to have sex with the nearest passable bloke. I find this hard to believe.

I guess the idea behind the sex-as-final-living-act thing is that it’s a real seize-the-day what-the-hell kinda reaction.

It’s odd then, that this advert is for Pepsi Max, one of those horrible zero-calorie drinks whose only real flavour is best described as ‘chemicaly’.

Because if I only had a few minutes to live I’d probably spend them drinking real coke – a treat akin to enjoying pure heroin in my eyes – smoking fags and snorting coke.

Unless these three dweebs were around. In which case I’d spend my last minutes beating them to death with a crate of Pepsi Max.