BT Adam & Jane advert – what happens next?

BT seems to be labouring under the illusion that we’re all on the edge of our seats, wondering what manner of fascinating event the next exciting installment of the BT family will bring.

The Adam and Jane saga has wended its tiresome way across our screens for five years now, with the tiresome inevitably of a semi-regular bout of the shits.

There’s been a few suggestions that the series, not even derailed when Kris Marshall was run over by a car, is coming to an end, and now this gimmick where we’re being asked to vote on what happens next.

As Jane spends the advert being hormonal and rubbing her belly, it’s fairly obvious that the choice involves pregnancy. Those who actually bother to log on to the BT website will be met with this earth-shattering choice:

A> Jane is pregnant
B> Jane isn’t pregnant

Replies on BT’s own Youtube channel have a few more interesting suggestions, suggesting the general public aren’t especially enamoured of the couple. They include:

My idea is that he goes into her facebook account and discovers she’s a crack whore with loads of clients. He poses as a client wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and drills her in the bum mercilessly until she explodes.


I vote for a termination

How about, Jane comes home to find Adam balls deep in the daughter, then BT get a huge surge of new customers in Norfolk

She dies in childbirth

And they’re among the more considered choices. There’s always a certain amount of this sort of thing that goes on when companies open up their marketing campaigns to the public, but BT has rather misjudged the mood in my opinion, with the public ripping an unloved company and unloved campaign.

Given that BT’s options amount to something of a Hobson’s Choice, I’ve compiled a few myself. Vote below on your favourite.

Adam and Jane BT advert – What Happens Next?