The end of Gio Compario?

Funny thing coincidence, eh? On the day when the following search query directed someone to AdTurds:

when are they going to get rid of that annoying go compare advert. it has been driving my wife mad for the last 2 years?

…it was announced that Go Compare is to review its advertising account, quite possibly spelling the end for the fat opera bell-end.

Go Compare has, for me, just become a kind of buzzing noise that is faintly irritating but I’ve managed to push into my subconscious. Not so AdTurds readers, who are still driven to spitting fury by the seemingly never-ending production line of utterly terrible adverts.

In the face of the seemingly unconquerable meerkat,’s determination to push the bounds of gynaecology and MoneySupermarket virtually throwing money at people to use its services, time may be called on Gio Compario and his rather boring antics.

Here’s what The Drum has to say on the subject:

It is believed that a pitch process is being planned for next month at which three agencies will compete for the work, alongside Go Compare’s own in-house marketing team – which produces the notorious TV ads.

It also suggests that Gio – or, more likely, singer Wynne Evans – is contracted to Go Compare for another year.

So, the question is, can we stomach it for another year? AdTurds readers voted it their least favourite in my wholly scientific price-comparison advert poll last year.

I’d say we were at the end of our collective wicks a long time ago, but I don’t think that will affect Go Compare’s decision. Go Compare, perhaps more than any other ad, has shown agencies that annoyance is a powerful weapon when it comes to financial services ads. Ads that have nothing more interesting to offer than the unmitigated thrill of typing our personal details into web-page fields that may offer us slightly cheaper home insurance.

What I’m saying here, what I’m getting at is this: Go Compare may not be the end, it may be the beginning.