New ad openly references fellatio

Yes, it’s a blowjob – I really don’t think there’s any denying it. But what else?

You know what? I quite like this. In fact it’s basically taken a leaf out of my book in including clearly inappropriate situations in its adverts, just like I suggested with Santander’s current run of ads starring Jenson Button, Jessica Ennis and Rory McIlroy (in itself a rip-off of a PaddyPower ad).

It’s also about a billion times better than the previous Cara Confused adverts, a campaign so laughably, debilitatingly bad that Mad Men was immediately cancelled as a result. That’s because the price-comparison site has finally done the sensible thing and brought in someone who (theoretically) knows that they’re doing (agency Publicis). seem to have gone away from trying to be annoying – the latest tactic seems to be to generate some controversy, or simply weird people out. It’s no surprise that advert campaigns for these sites are regularly overhauled, but it is something of a surprise that most are moving away from an effort to mash your brain up with concentrated irritation.

So, the tables are turned. adverts are quite amusing, currently, while the Meerkat has not only jumped the shark, it’s positively motorbiking over hundreds of them on the way to the moon. Witness, if you can, this utter fucking abortion. I hope the decision haunts Robert Webb for the rest of this life.