What does the EDF Energy Zingy look like?

AdTurds readers have a few suggestions for what the EDF Energy parasite – apparently called a zingy – looks like. I’ve detailed my thoughts on it via the link above, but repeated keyword queries regarding the bloody thing led me to open it up to you lot.

Lots of people think it looks like a turd, others a sex toy. A clit; a tit, a cock, a sperm. And more think it’s like some sort of horrible grub or tic. Here’s a selection what AdTurds readers think – feel free to add your own suggestions on the poll.

edf energy turd – 40 queries
edf energy poo – 22 queries
what is the thing on the edf energy advert?
what is the creature in the edf energy advert
what is the animal on the edf energy advert
edf advert sperm
edf energy advert little man
edf energy advert rubber turd
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why are they using a dancing turd for edf energy campaign?
why is there a poo on the edf dog’s back?
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edf energy why is there a poo in the advert
is the edf mascot a shit
is the thing in the edf advert a turd
obscene clit edf energy advert
that edf advert with that thing that looks like a cat turd
what is edf energy dancing tit
what is that brown thing in edf energy
what is the metaphor behind edf dog advert
what the fuck is that thing on the dog’s back edf twats
why does edf have a sperm in advetisment
why is edf using a dildo in its adverts

As ever with AdTurds readers, the bouncy quality of the Zingy isn’t the only thing on their minds:

edf advert girl breasts
edf energy advert actress bouncing breasts
advert edf actress with big boobs
bouncy tit girl in edf advert
edf bouning tits
edf commercial masturbate
edf energy advert actress bouncing
edf energy bouncing breasts
edf energy tits

In fairness to whoever is behind this ad, there are a few people who are interested in owning a real-life EDF Energy Zingy:

edf energy toy argos – 82 queries
can i buy edf energy dancing thing off advert
can i buy toy off edf advert
can u buy an edf energy toy from argos
can you buy an edf bouncy toy
can you buy that thing on the edf energy advert in argos?
can you buy the thing of the edf energy adverts
can you buy the toy in edf energy advert
can you buy the toy on the edf energy advert
can you get one of the things off the edf advert
where can i get a edf energy turd
where can i get an edf energy tit from – my personal favourite

My suggestion is that you don’t part with money – simply lie down in some bracken for a few hours – chances are you’ll find one attached to your neck.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s behind EDF’s cute toy. That and several aging Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors anyway.

A few reminders…