Tesco Fist Pump Advert; Naked Curtain Erection

tesco fist pump advert

I thought it conceivable that the Tesco adverts featuring Ruth Jones and Ben Miller might have been quietly forgotten about, given the shoeing they received in the run-up to Christmas. Indeed the new Tesco Family haven’t been on screen for some months, alas it was just a stay of execution. They’re back – and this new Tesco fist pump advert suggests they’re not going away any time soon.

What’s more the same tropes are back in place. He’s still an abysmally uncool Stupid Dad who revels in his #accidentalpartridge dorkishness; she’s the sensible one who wavers somewhere between amused, bemused and gagging for it. They’re a typical modern-day couple who escape their horrors of their everyday existence with a trip down the supermarket and playful sexual banter. It’s enough to make you wonder what else Miller might be doing with his fist.

There’s nothing intrinsically unpleasant about any of this and Ruth Jones and Ben Miller play their parts with all the comic timing and lightness of touch you’d expect two seasoned and able performers to. They’re also shorn of their infuriating manchild here, which is what was driving most viewers to despair at the end of 2015.

Will he remain off camera though? I doubt it. A big fat wedge of Tesco’s demographic pie is middle-aged parents with a kid or two on the go. Having two hot-to-trot empty nesters isn’t going to play. What a dilemma.

It will be interesting to see if this plays out because Tesco must know that the dopey Millennial, played by Will Close, made people want to go and scream murderous abuse into the Twittersphere. But can they get away with sticking to two middle-aged comics representing their broad demographic sweep? Stay tuned…