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15Jul/1072 Advert

Well, where to start with this one. Exactly how far down the list of available celebs do you have to get before you get to 'The Guy Who Use To Be In The Sweet'?

And can Andy Scott really be placed on the celebrity pie chart at all. Surely after 30 years he's simply a bloke. You might as well get Ted Fudge from down the road to do your advert as they guy out of The Sweet.

So, what of the ad itself? Well, inevitably, it's terrible. Scott is stilted and unnatural, as is only to be expected from an aging glam rocker talking about van hire.

"I didn't have time to phone around for a van quote back then," says Scott, as if anyone gives a flying fuck how a fairly minor rock group from 30 years ago coordinated its transport logistics.

There's enough time for a 'fox on the run' and 'sweet!' pun and the viewer is left to question what the hell just happened.

Could it be worse? No, it couldn't be any worse.

EDIT: See the hilarious responses to this post on a forum dedicated to The Sweet. It's fair to say they didn't agree with my analysis.

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  • Stuckinazoo

    When I saw the words van compare on your rundown of 2010, I couldn’t think what it was. As soon as I saw the first frame of this, I burst out laughing and remembered it. A good example of a crap advert that still puts me in a good mood through laughter.

  • Stuckinazoo

    When I saw the words van compare on your rundown of 2010, I couldn’t think what it was. As soon as I saw the first frame of this, I burst out laughing and remembered it. A good example of a crap advert that still puts me in a good mood through laughter.

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  • NorthEastener

    I Fuckin Hate this advert with a passion, its so bad you’d think they’d meant it

  • Christopher Wells

    I had never heard of Sweet before this advert (I’m 24) and I hope to God I never do again. Ruined it for me.

    I watch the advert each time in utter disbelief. It’s fucking terrible. I love watching it as it’s so fucking terrible.

    Fair play to Andy being in a band and making a few hits, even more fair play on being remembered 30 years later, but seriously, he MUST have read that script and thought ‘this is fucking shit, what am I doing?’.

    I can’t believe I googled ‘Andy Scott van advert’. But i’m so glad I did. The opening 3 posts were gold.

    And the moronic Sweet fans make the advert even worse!


  • I have to agree that ad is totally crap/crud/corny (take your pick they all fit) as bad a national TV advert as it gets … another “genius idea”, I’ll bet, born out of banter down the pub

  • Uptonic

    Man this guys entitled to publish his posts as much as all of you dicks laying into him for giving his opinion. Sweet were a good band in their time, I agree. However as much as I like my 60s and 70s music, I dont need to see it being performed by a load of care home patients. Let the music live and the artists take a fucking break. As for this Andy Scott guy.. His hair is a fucking joke. The mans face shows a spent life and his hair looks like it has blown off the arse of an Irish Race Horse!

  • Ryan Brown

    Sweet are an awful band, and what does he look like with that hair, needs to get it cut the old grease monkey and stay off tv. Terrible advert

  • I used to be in a well shit rock band too (not in the 70’s mind, I’m far too young and super-sexy for that sort of flared-trouser wearing shit), and I found the best way to go with van hire was to buy a second hand transit off some geezer who used to be in Mud, prompting me to believe that there is a massive, worldwide glam rock/van insuring cabal at large, the glittery, thrid party fire & theft BASTARDS!
    Incidentally, the CGI/bluescreen in this is fucking terrible isn’t it? If you’re going to use it, why not add a monstrious, tentacled Bowie with laser vision fighting a squadron of flying transit vans on top of the empire state building?
    Total shit if you ask me.

  • Mark P

    I had a day off – from my job in advertising, funnily enough – and this came on in the background on the TV and I nearly gagged on my coffee in disbelief. I had to google immediately as it was such as terrible ad I wasn’t sure if I;d imagined it, if it was a joke or a comedy sketch show.

    This is a Fred West style assault on the senses. A middle aged chump in a wig from a band who rode the coattails of Ziggy Stardust and have since been consigned to the dustbin of time, yet three decades on the guitarist returns to hawk van insurance. If it was a parody it would be a work of evil genius. There is no relation to the van insurance comparison sites and a guitarist from a glam rock band from 30 years ago. that’s why it is so much worse than it has any right to be. This platter is enriched by the comments from Sweet fans. Thanks.

  • I’m too young to know who the hell Sweet are/were etc.

    All I DO know is that from the video holding frame he looks like a 50yr old woman whose let herself go.


  • Jack Conner

    I’m so sad that I missed all the general ranting about this, it’s entertained me greatly these past ten minutes.

    Only saw this ad for the first time the other day and the level of shitness ammused me no end.

    On the one hand, I think it does work, in that the people who idolise this Andy Scott chap are likely to be fat, old Sweet fans who need a van to take all the gear to their latest pub gig, knocking out Sweet covers all night for a couple of quid.

    On the other hand, it’s a fucking terrible advert. Scott has no charisma, is as obscure a ‘celebrity’ as you’re likely to find and makes Van Compare look like some cheapo company on its arse.

    In fact, I actually think this ad is so bad it might just be good!

  • Gimmestrength

    Until this point I’d never heard of the band, Sweet. From this point forth I shall simply pretend not to have heard of them – particularly if its fan base consists of such revolting characters, many of whom are particularly strong candidates for Shrubmonkey’s Cunt of the Day (see

    I really am surprised that this review of the Vancompare ad. generated such vile responses from the great unwashed. This is, after all, a review of the ad. (hence the nature of the blog) and is, therefore, the observation and opinion of one person. Where exactly did Robin state that ‘all who cometh to my blog must alter their opinions and points of view and followeth me’? I think I missed that bit. Out of curiosity, how many of the simpletons spewing their hate on this blog are religious? Actually, I’m not interested in knowing. Their deluded existence on this planet is disturbing enough – and, by the way, please don’t think I’m encouraging feedback on this latter bit. I have more interest in watching grass than I do of absorbing the rants and ramblings of fuckwits unable to apply any rationale to their points of view.

    Anyway. Because at this particular moment in time I have nothing better to do than write ‘something’ here I shall continue by saying a huge ‘Well done’ to Robin. I enjoy all of your postings and I do hope that you will find the time to write more. I do not need to tell you that there is an absolute smorgasbord of advertising shiteness out there. Your work is not yet done, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Going back to the Sweet versus the Stranglers thing. Is it not the case that one person is perfectly entitled to appreciate something that others do not? Does appreciating Sweet rather than the Stranglers make one a better human being (comments on this blog notwithstanding)? Personally, I quite like Rachmaninov, ACDC, John Lee Hooker, Wagner, Red Hot Chiili Peppers, Cat Stevens and the odd bit of techno. I am also a great admirer of Cheryl Tweedy, but not for the same reasons. Therefore, in the minds of those Sweet fans herein, does this mean that I have less integrity than someone who doesn’t appreciate Sweet? Does this mean that because I don’t appreciate Sweet my thoughts and opinions are less deserved of attention than someone who does? Perhaps I should beg to some kind of invisible ‘omnipotence’ for forgiveness. Perhaps I should simply accept that just like me, all those commenting herein simply like the opportunity to express thoughts and opinions with the kind of anonymity awarded by this t’internet business.

    Reading through these comments has indeed occupied a brief part of my day, and now I must leave to continue with my existence outside of these four walls and out in the world where I must continue to contribute to society as a whole.

    Finally, I say Adieu – and, by the way, if you answered Yes to the question about my thoughts and opinions being less deserved of attention than someone who does appreciate Sweet, then you won’t notice or care if I simply tell you to fuck off. Have a nice day.

  • matt harper

    he should get a fucking haircut and grow up

  • Robin Brown


  • Firstly I live in England and contrary to popular belief most of us DON’T listen to Oasis.. I like my music and appreciate good songwriting..

    A few points here for The Sweet fans:

    *Some fans comments seem to try to convince all who will listen that Andy Scott is the missing link between Hendrix, Supertramp & John Squire. I’m most inclined to disagree here, as to be honest with you The Sweet aren’t much more interesting than simple pub rock. I’ve only known of one “Huge Success” by The Sweet. The song “Blockbuster” that at four chords [almost identical to Bowie’s ‘Gene Genie’ btw} was so damn easy to play I learnt it after just two weeks of learning guitar. Andy Scott doesn’t have the same immortal status as say: Hendrix, Page, Gilmore, Zappa, Martyn, Santana, ect because let’s face it, he is in a mediocre band & isn’t a great guitarist at all. It’s obvious to anyone who would listen to anything more then disposable pop, it’s hardly a comment that requires much proof to back up. Ever watched Spinal Täp?

    *So what IF The Sweet are/were ‘huge’ in Germany? So were The Monkies, what does this prove exactly? Both bands were uninspired toss!

    *The Stranglers have more interesting ‘hits’ world-wide then The Sweet, without a doubt! They have an interesting history, fantastically diverse material & probably will gig until they burn out. So why attack them?

    *At the end of the day this was Robin’s opinion & he has taken much worse abuse on the chin from you flaccid, pot-bellied, middling’ windbags then he originally dished out towards your tedious idol so blow it out your ass. I just happen to agree with Robin’s comments, such is the great thing about the internet – freedom of opinion.

    Rachel Adams however, has it spot on and she is a Sweet fan. What does that say about the rest of you, with such low self esteem you have to pick on a blogger?

    Oh and incase you think I’m Robin writing under a pseudonym; think of a
    scag addled clown, his make up peeling off due to deranged tears, rivlets of sadness coursing down it’s face, slicing at his own penis like it were salami on a cold metal plate.. Nice

    That’s more or less what I thought of this advert..

  • Robin Brown

    It really doesn’t matter whether it’s van insurance, van hire or van leasing – it won’t change the fact that it’s a terrible advert or make me look stupid.

    If I was bothered about what it was I’d have changed it and deleted your comments – I really don’t care which one it is either way – and I doubt anyone else does for that matter.

  • Roger Askly

    *Van Insurance
    I like your other Adturds mate, but I think you;ve got this one wrong.. you don’t even know what it’s about it’s van insurance not van hire.
    You should probs delete this because it makes you look like a stupid critic but your other ones are funny as.
    I liked your last BT adturd btw.

  • vaughn Toulouse

    Nice rug by the way , looks like there is a dulux dog missing a coat somewhere

  • vaughn Toulouse

    You are the legendary lead guitarist of the really well respected “rock” band The Sweet & then you ruin any cool or kudos by doing a go compare a van ad whats going on!!

  • Oh this has brightened my day!

    I’m a huge fan of The Sweet (and The Stranglers too, btw) so I was pointed at this and, really, who cares!

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