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15Jul/1072 Advert

Well, where to start with this one. Exactly how far down the list of available celebs do you have to get before you get to 'The Guy Who Use To Be In The Sweet'?

And can Andy Scott really be placed on the celebrity pie chart at all. Surely after 30 years he's simply a bloke. You might as well get Ted Fudge from down the road to do your advert as they guy out of The Sweet.

So, what of the ad itself? Well, inevitably, it's terrible. Scott is stilted and unnatural, as is only to be expected from an aging glam rocker talking about van hire.

"I didn't have time to phone around for a van quote back then," says Scott, as if anyone gives a flying fuck how a fairly minor rock group from 30 years ago coordinated its transport logistics.

There's enough time for a 'fox on the run' and 'sweet!' pun and the viewer is left to question what the hell just happened.

Could it be worse? No, it couldn't be any worse.

EDIT: See the hilarious responses to this post on a forum dedicated to The Sweet. It's fair to say they didn't agree with my analysis.

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