About AdTurds

This blog is written by a man who hates bad adverts. It used to be written by two people who hate bad adverts. If you would like to submit your own review head to this page and leave a comment.

Why AdTurds?

It’s a play on Adwords – Google’s proprietary online cash hoover.

What’s that Janet Street-Porter quote about then?

Janet nicked a choice quote by me to use in her Daily Mail column and attributed it simply to an ‘advertiser blogger’.

Contact AdTurds

If you must get in touch with me to offer me money for a paid link, complain about one of my posts or give me a million quid to design your next campaign, fill out the form.

I am wholeheartedly open to bribery, especially from Adidas, Jaguar, Honda, Porsche, Volvo, Original Source, Lucozade, Green & Black’s, Sabatier, Sony, Apple, Le Crueset, Yorkshire Tea and any breweries, vineyards and distilleries.