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Halifax Isa Isa Baby Advert

Halifax Isa Isa Baby advert

I simply don't have the word to explain how irredeemably awful this is. Perhaps the word hasn't been invented yet.

There've only been two or three ads in my entire life that have driven me to turn off the television; this is one.

Isa Isa Baby.

It's unbearable, insufferable, enraging. It makes me incandescent with hatred, despair and impotent fury. It crushes my spirit. It makes me want to vomit, spasm uncontrollably and punch myself in the face. It makes me want to find the people responsible and pound on them until we're both crying.

When I see it I think of fire, screaming and post-nuclear landscapes. It makes me long for death's icy embrace and an eternity in endless, unknowable limbo.

Isa Isa Baby.

It's an awfulness so deep and broad it's like some abstract notion of evil; the merest hint of which is so fundamentally disturbing it would drive kind, sane men to murderous havoc.

It makes me want to hurt people.

And, still, none of this sums up how awful it is. It's simply beyond me. The only upside it that he have glimpsed the abyss. We have looked into it, and it has gazed deep into our souls.

If we can survive this, we can survive anything.

Isa Isa Baby.

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