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Janet Street-Porter Reads AdTurds

I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not, but there you go. Actually I am, it's a bad thing.

JS-P, as precisely no-one calls her, quoted my "women stalking the camera en masse — post-feminist zombies lusting after a scarf" observation about the Marks and Spencer's Christmas adverts from last year in the Daily Scum (that's Mail in this instance, rather than Sun or Express).

There are a couple of things of note here: the first being that I was not afforded the gesture of a link or mention; the second being that it's a straight quote lifted straight off here, several months after I published it - and it outranks me in the SERPS.

More proof, if proof be need be, that Google Page Rank is a twat. And so is Janet Street-Porter.

No way am I linking back to them, so here's the screenshot.

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