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Can You Flush ‘Flushable’ Andrex Washlets? MC Plumber Says No

I'm still reeling from this advert, but I do find it kinda interesting that wet wipes vendors go to such lengths to claim their products are flushable that water companies are forced to market a frankly terrifying rap video that makes use of the charming triad 'pee, poo and paper' in an attempt to directly refute this claim.

Rob Smith, Thames Water’s chief sewer flusher, said: “Sewers are designed to take only loo roll, dirty water and human waste. Nothing else. But sadly we are seeing more and more fat and wet wipes - which should never be flushed even if the packaging says ‘flushable’ - ending up in our sewers. That’s a big headache for us, but it can also lead to sewage backing up into our customers’ homes and gardens, which is utterly hideous.

FWIW someone might want to tell Andrex:

"Watch MC Plumber and his and his assistants Dwayne Pipe and Ella Vamess who’ll let you know why ‘You Can’t Flush This’"

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