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January’s Worst Adverts

January. A time for diet adverts, holiday adverts, fitness adverts. However, since it's always time for loans companies and the idiotic reverse-auction sites that inhabit the fringes of daytime television, it's also a time for all these too.

I've included a few below that are enraging me at the moment but, as ever, you can include your own suggestions if there's one that's making you retch currently. Happy new year.

Mad Bid

Enough to make one glad for privatisation. Hopefully this twat gets rationalised out of a job and cheated of his pension shortly afterwards.

Pounds To Pocket

Here's what Pound to Pocket is about, using the examples it provides in its website (borrow £500 over a year; repay £950): you end up repaying around double of what you borrow. It's a complete rip-off. No wonder these loan companies employ such watch-the-birdie techniques to divert your attention from the eye-popping APR warnings.

And what an annoying advert it is. I'm not one for wishing death on others, no matter how ironically, but I hope the people responsible for this stub their toes every day for a week, get a hair stuck in their throat and follow through in an inconvenient location.

Sky Sports

What's hilarious and telling about this is, while I have a lot of regard for Thierry Henry, the fact that he was good at football bears no relation to whether he'll be a good commentator whatsoever. Which, when you look at some of the people Sky Sports have commentating for them, explains a fucking shitload.

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