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RIP Tom Adams

I'd never want to try and reduce a man's trade - or life - down to some silly adverts he may have done during a long and varied career, but Tom Adams was perhaps seen more often inbetween programmes than he was in them in the last part of his career.

Tom was perhaps not a household name - not in the last 30 years at least - but his face, and particularly voice, is probably familiar to you. That's because he had a fine line in sardonic appearances, even in apparently-straight adverts, and a lovely mellifluous voice much sought-after for its fruity qualities.

In fact, it's hard not to draw a line between Matt Berry's jobbing actor Steven Toast and Adams once you've noticed the similarity.

Tom also went up enormously in my estimation when, in researching this post, I read that he'd had this say about Noel Edmonds: "I can't stand that prick".

So, just a little post to note his passing, wish him Godspeed and have a look at this small part of a long career.

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