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Warburtons Muppets Advert

muppets warburtons advert

Fuck you, Warburtons. You bready, Tory-sponsoring, Muppet-shafting twats.

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  • flux

    Oh dear. Using puppets to promote goods is never a good idea, unless the target audience are children. Don’t they realise the word muppet is simply an insult in the UK.

  • Mike Norris

    his is the best ad this Xmas and the crumpets are brill

    • hardjackson

      ‘the crumpets are brill’

  • Alexis

    Bollocks. There are only three decent ads this Christmas – this, Anchor butter and Aldi’s taking the Michael.

  • Chris

    Such a thought provoking piece, well done lol

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