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It's Christmas - so burn the whole fucking planet! #becauseitschristmas

The original:

Our new advert celebrates what we love doing #becauseitschristmas
Our new TV advert is out now – and it’s all about the fun and exciting things we love about Christmas.

The advert celebrates the great things people do each year just because it’s Christmas, from over the top decorations to festive fancy dress, and from Christmas parties to family outings.

It features a fantastic song by Fleur East called Sax, which is available to pre-order on iTunes now.

Fleur tweeted to say: “So excited to hear Sax on the Asda advert!”

Lots of people took to social media to say how excited they are about Christmas after seeing the advert.

Katie Warnes on Facebook said: “Love this advert. Shows exactly what Christmas is about. Having fun with your friends and family. Enjoying the winter, getting dressed up and just all having a great time at such a magical time of year! Asda summed that up in a minute! Love the ice skating snowmen the best!”

Tom Pickering took to Twitter to say: “That’s got me excited for Christmas!”

Tara Stuart tweeted: “Think it’s reached that point in the year where it’s now acceptable to watch Elf #becauseitschristmas”.

Tracy Moult on Facebook said: “Love it. My Xmas lights have all been switched on tonight. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas eeekkk”.

Rob Clowes tweeted: “OK love the Asda Xmas advert 1) it has a pug dressed as a reindeer 2) it plays #SAX by @Fleur East #becauseitschristmas”

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