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19 Tesco Discount Fails You Won’t Believe

tesco discount fails

I'm a big fan of the yellow-sticker section in Tesco. Or the Whoopsed section in Asda. Or... whatever Sainsbury's calls its discounted section. They're a great source of cheap food and a kind of Ready-Steady-Cook challenge: "You've got river cobbler, a load of cubes of feta with olives, Activia and some wilting spring onions. What are you going whip up for us today?"

I've an eagle eye for Twofers, BOGOFs and standard discounting too, but sometimes you see a deal that is so clearly not a deal it blows the mind. Go to the discounted trolley - full of broken biscuits, remaindered shoe polish, out-of-date herbs and bashed-up cans - and you will always find a multipack split into its constituent parts that's more expensive that the multipack.

The frequency of multibuy discounts not subtracted from the bill - and preponderance of big yellow labels that usually denote savings but frequently do not - also leads me to wonder how much of this is pure accident. And don't get me started on the 11.5p per 100g; £0.65 per metric hundredweight; £4 per half-ounce chicanery that they all deal in.

But it doesn't end there. The last time I was in Tesco I made a note to see who else has encountered similar Not-Bargains. Turns out there's a lot. Stand by for some of the worst discounts you'll ever see...

Putting the 'little' in Every Little Helps

1. Thanks Tesco for that 0% discount

2. Woo-hoo, Christmas is saved!

3. Buy two, pay 52 cents extra; buy four, pay four cents extra!

4. Bulk buying never fails - when it's beer anyway

5. Have a break, have a Kit-Kat at 100% of its original price

6. St George Design Bowler Hat - a whole one-hundreth cheaper

7. Was £1, now £1! Must be eaten today!

8. That's a 1.79% discount in case you're wondering

9. And this is a whopping 0.67% off this old pastie

10. In fairness this is a huge saving - on eels in jelly

11. Diet Coke - better for your teeth; better for your wallet

12. Better than half price! If better means more.

13. Why, I'd be a fool not to!

14. The lighter, if not cheaper, way to enjoy chocolate

15. Thank God - we will eat today!

16. In fairness it's way more than one per cent

17. A 0.20% saving - the spirit of Christmas

18. Healthy body, healthy wallet!

19. Best discount ever!

A huge 0.04% saving on this whisky!

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  • Paul LJ Catlow

    A reflection. For all the expensive TV advertising and attempts to push it as if it were the elixir of life, Activia yoghurt is ALWAYS to be found in the yellow-sticker bin of my local ASDA, knocked down twice from £2.00 for four to 62p. Or if they;re really desperate to shift it before they close at 4pm on a Sunday, knocked down a third time to 30p… which is cheaper than ASDA’s bargain own-label economy yoghurts at 33p for a pack of four. Fitting, as it’s the same stuff inside the plastic pot! So does this say that you can have all the TV advertising you like, but if people don’t want to pay £2.00 for a pack of four yoghurts, they won’t pay £2.00?

  • Paul LJ Catlow

    71p for a can of coke? Where is this Tesco? And they say Waitrose is mind-bogglingly expensive…. My local poundshop does three for a quid, or 33p each!

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