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Voltarol Tennis Advert: New Balls Please!

voltarol tennis advert

Very little to say about this Voltarol tennis advert, featuring a Stupid Dad being beaten at tennis by his lithe and pain-free wife, like the loser he is.

Very little, that is, apart from the last few seconds featuring a bizarre crash zoom on the sweaty chump's face, along with a painfully gasped "New balls please!" that seems to imply some sort of testicular torsion.

The fact that it brings back some welcome 80s sitcom-style daftness, mixed with a healthy dose of cackhandedness, is more than welcome.

Sounds like our tennis husband could do with some bollock gel. New balls please!

  • dave69uk .

    hate this advert with an absolute passion – we see a fearsome woman cracking the tennis balls back at the stereotypical hopeless man with the fury of an world class player while he stands in terror at her power and performance. Then we have the comedy with the “new balls please” said with a pained voice…
    Lets flip this around and have the guy hitting the balls flat out and the a close up of a sweaty, dishevelled woman’s face with her saying something that pokes fun at women…..
    Oh – hang on, we can’t do that because there would be an inquiry!!

  • Graham Munn

    Well, that’s ruined his chances with the 18 year old Room Service maid from Sweden he’s desperately flirting with all week. His wife looks quite nice.

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