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Things People Say About AdTurds

Incredibly, AdTurds was named on in Brand Republic's list of influential bloggers in 2011. It's a round-up of the best blogs in advertising, marketing and PR.

Here's how they describe the list:

the best advertising, marketing, media, PR and digital blogs from around the world, ranked in terms of traffic and social influence.

And here's an AdTurds article:

Fuck off squirrel cunt

What some other people say about AdTurds:

...mischievous blog trashing tv ads that are sh*t - an academic

...brand demolition! - another academic

...his anonymity lets him wax lyrical without reprisals - a disgruntled creative

...dedicated to haranguing brand misfires - an advertising blogger

...scatologically scathing - a music website

...a delicious Charlie Brooker-esque deconstruction of bad adverts - The Drum

...industry blog... - Janet Street-Porter

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