Vile adverts

Let’s be clear on this – this is a profoundly disturbing advert. There’s nothing nice about seeing a load of hyperannuated, vulcanised geriatrics wobbling and warbling around the screen, especially when one of them starts twitching and bucking like’s he’s climaxing.

The two old dears remind me of Harry Enfield’s randy old ladies; Earl wears the perpetual mask of a monkey mid-orgasm, a moment away from revealing a wrinkled old bratwurst from his dirty corduroys, nestling amongst a greying web.

We now get ‘Wonga moments’ – you know? Those moments where you want something but haven’t got any money. In the boring old past you would have had to wait, but now you simply get a payday advance. Mortgaging your salary – what’s wrong with that?

I can think of no cataclysmic global events in the past three years that should give us pause for that when considering blithely pissing cash you don’t have up the wall.

Is this a bad advert? Who knows – I think it’s horrifying, but it’s better than the last one, which earned some rapped knuckles for trivialising short-term loans with ginormous interest rates.

Not that a puppet pensioner wigging out to a some techno gramophone is trivial in the least, of course.

Wonga puppets hip hop advert advert

High-interest short-term loans are not best advertised by a zany schizophrenic.

These pay-day loans are, by most metrics, pretty awful; making bundles of cash from the feckless, the desperate and the naive.

The interest rates themselves are pretty eye-watering in themselves, but if you default on your repayment you can expect some pretty stiff fees and more interest. Pretty soon you’re far beyond any point where you can reasonably hope to repay all the fees.

The point in this advert I find so obnoxious is the assumption that only an idiot would approach a bank for a loan.

While I don’t have much time for banks, it’s a moment that reveals that is more than happy to take advantage of the current cynicism towards banks in encouraging people to take out loans with them.

Inevitably, because there are lots of stupid and desperate people out there, many of those people will not make their repayments on time.

Which is the point at which the true face of is revealed.

NB. The ad isn’t available any more – presumably removed it because they got a bollocking off the ASA, mainly for the things I mentioned in the write-up above.