Peugeot has had a mild rebrand of late, with its DRIVESEXY ad campaign for its 107, 207 and 308 models. In the ad for the 207 Verve this is manifested by a pair of blowjob lips enunciating the ‘Peu-geot’ name in a sexy voice. And that’s about it – it’s not bad, it’s just a bit meh. Off the TV there’s some even more baffling press materials detailing the idea behind DRIVESEXY (the car industry loves its RANDOM CAPS).

It’s about being chivalrous and magnanimous, not difficult and obstructive. It’s not testosterone-fuelled, it’s not macho posturing, it’s about being in touch with your sensual side – feeling the road and taking the time to appreciate your surroundings.

The campaign entails smiling at other drivers, waving at traffic wardens and not using a map or satnav, otherwise known as DRIVELOST. It’s the sort of meaningless drivel that no-one in their right mind takes seriously and for some reason PRs love. Driving sexy also means not wasting fuel – DRIVEECONOMICALLY – and not drinking and driving – DRIVELEGALLY.

Frankly it’s just awful. Peugeots are, actually, fairly sexy when you compare them to other cars on the market but I’m not sure that the looming global recession and a hugely depressed car industry demand a new ad campaign advising you to flirt with other motorists. Rumours that BMW may follow suit with a campaign called DRIVELIKEAPRICK are totally made up.