stupid rubber Yoda thing is a suitable name in that it describes the company in question’s current advertising strategy. It wasn’t five minutes ago that they’d ditched the cheap and cheesy approach and as Robin previously noted, settled on friendliness, reliability and ease as the key values they were attempting to get across.

ling (and clever) rival campaign from, which stars an amusing Russian meerkat called Alexandr, a rushed new advert from has been cobbled together starring a disgusting rubber thing called Confucius. (I’m assuming this name is a stab at a pun on the word “Confused” but who’s to say.)

It’s becoming obvious that is a fundamentally rubbish name for a mature price comparison website. It certainly seems like they’re struggling with anything approaching a coherent brand identity and are lumbering from one daft idea to the next as they attempt to escape the tedious “bloke pulling his hair out” motif of yesteryear.

As to the content of the advert, you’ll notice Confucius can barely move his mouth and is thus perhaps not the ideal brand ambassador. He looks in pain and isn’t funny. They’ve got him reading a magazine called What PowerBoat, presumably to convey some kind of wackiness. And his way of speaking sounds like someone doing a really poor Yoda impression.

All in all, not entirely a success.