Honda Insight Let it Shine advert

Honda normally nails it with its adverts. In support of this statement I offer you Cog, Impossible Dream, Choir, Grr, Asimo and Problem Playground. All really good ads, if a little smug.

Honda’s latest advert is for its Insight hybrid, a car that looks and acts exactly like the Toyota Prius, and probably drives that way too.

Hybrids use electric motors to supplement power from engines, meaning that less fuel is expended in driving them.

The potential benefits of hybrids are indisputable, although the real-world results aren’t necessarily superior to modern diesel engines. The likelihood is, in the next couple of years, fully electric vehicles will overtake hybrids as the green car of choice.

That hasn’t stopped Toyota pretending that it’s saving the world in adverts for the Prius. Honda hasn’t gone that far, and has gone with a clever ad featuring hundreds of Insights playing out a pattern on their headlights.

If there’s a subtext I’ve not got it, but it’s clever and visually impressive.

Alongside the lack of Garrison Keillor’s lugubrious tones, the music is the most saccharine, Yankified, harmonised Pop Idol-style wailing I’ve ever heard. It makes the advert unwatchable.