Kevin Spacey American Airlines advert

I have, on occasion, sat in some VIP areas in airports. It’s always accompanied by a vague sense of guilt and shame, especially when you have to walk past the plebs to get at it.

It stirs the same part of me that feels that private health car, private education and first-class travel are simply rather unfair. Not to mention a little vulgar.

Without getting too involved in the wider debate it boils down to a kind of class apartheid. If you have enough money you can live longer, be better educated and generally be more comfortable in life.

Hey, that’s the system we live in, but I don’t think it pays to actually boast about it. Which is where Kevin Spacey comes in.

Kevin Spacey never queues to get on his flight, unlike most other people. This is because he’s rich. If you’re rich you can fly business class, like Spacey.

If not, well, sorry but you have to queue. And be fairly uncomfortable. And pay to go for a piss if you’re really unlucky. You’re not as important.

I find it remarkable, given that a significant proportion of American Airlines’ customer base must fall into this ‘not allowed’ category.

I pray for a modern-day Rosa Parks to plonk herself defiantly down in Spacey’s seat and refuse to get up.

Spacey would be perturbed. This shouldn’t happen. You’re nobody! I’m Kevin Spacey, dammit! KEVIN SPACEY!