If Samsung Jet Did PR Stunts…

There’s a rather obvious rejoinder to the title of this blog, but I’ll try to avoid the cheap shots.

My other post on the Samsung Jet has stirred up something of a debate, a bit like the kind of bad-tempered lolspeak arguments that develop on Youtube, between those who like that advert and those who think it’s the end of society as we know it.

So I went back to watch the advert again, and canvas opinion from around the web. I hated it even more, but even worse I came across this ‘viral’ purporting to show what a PR stunt sponsored by the Samsung Jet would look like – the answer apparently being that two elephants would bungee jump from a bad CGI flying saucer over Picadilly Circus.

I generally dislike these ‘event’ ads, as they’ve become hopelessly overexposed and unimaginative these days, culminating recently in the world’s biggest twat Singstar-Wanking his head off to Total Eclipse of the Heart in Trafalgar Square.

Even Youtube’s users, generally busy LOLing and ROFLing everywhere, have given this one the thumbs down – a brief chink of light in the darkness – but I genuinely can’t understand how anyone could ever think this funny, clever, cute or worthwhile in any way whatsoever.

Have I become that removed from the target demographics of these phones that I genuinely can’t relate to them at all? I struggle to see how anyone can find this ad funny, but then again I struggled to comprehend why anyone would download the Crazy Frog ringtone.

Nathan Barley was bang on, the idiots have taken over. I can foresee a future sponsored by Samsung, and it’s deeply, deeply stupid. And shit.