Hitler is AIDS. Or something

This utterly fucking awful and stupid and ridiculous ad showing a man turning into a leering, shaking Adolf Hitler while shagging a woman is a German effort to warn of the dangers of contracting HIV from unprotected sex, apparently.

I voice an element of doubt, because looking at it it’s impossible to discern any kind of cogent message in this piece, beyond instilling in me the idea that the next time I have sex I might turn into Hitler.

AIDS charities are understandably aghast at the association with sufferers as Nazi Jew-murderers, and also point out that the ad features no helpful messages regarding barrier devices such as condoms.

According to the Telegraph: ‘The campaign also features poster adverts of Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin, and a radio spot that re-works a famous speech by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist.’

What with WWF Brazil’s ad showing a fleet of aeroplanes flying into Manhattan, the question of whether there any brains at all floating around in these ad agencies now demands an answer.