AXA Home Insurance Advert

It might be just me, but I noticed a variation on this advert tonight, at the end of a week that has seen serious flooding across large parts of the country.

The ad below has been playing on and off for most of 2009, and appears to be suggesting that AXA won’t dick you, like most insurance companies seem to, when it comes to them actually having to pay out.

The advert I noticed tonight was much more focussed towards flooding, and featured the words ‘when your home is under two feet of water’.

Call me an old cynic, but I wonder how long this ad has been in the book for. I’m willing to bet that it’s less than a few days.

So, assuming that’s the case, is this canny marketing or vulgar attempt to cash in on the misery of unfortunate people, albeit by playing on the fears of those yet to experience the delights of sewage water wrecking their houses and belongings?

I suppose it depends on your point of view, but given how much Axa is staking on it being playing fair by its customers, there do seem to be a lot of stories on Google that suggest the very opposite.

Anyway, I find this all very dispiriting, whatever the answer to exactly when this was booked. And I wonder how long it is before one of those poor people in Cumbria finds themselves screwed by an insurance company over a technicality.