Chris Evans Breakfast Show trailers

Any advert or trail that features someone singing along to music is guaranteed to be awful enough to inspire genuine anger.

Since the subject of these trails in Chris Evans, who has had the sheer gall to step into the shoes of Lord Terrance Wogan, this is a given anyway.

What’s worse about this is that the Beeb’s idea of what real people might look like while singing along to the radio is about a billion light years away from reality, and so patronising as to be almost offensive.

Look at these adverts and ask yourself whether you’ve ever seen anyone behave like the everyday Joes in this advert. And if you did, would you want to have anything to do with them.

It’s all the proof you ever need that BBC upper echelons just have absolutely idea about the real world. Then again, on Radio 2 that’s probably not a problem.