Dell Treats advert

I hate this advert: its American smugness; its terrible music; its Intel jingle (the most depressing noise in the world).

Of course, what’s absurd about this ad for Dell’s laptops is that it’s taken them fully ten years to make a laptop that isn’t a whirring hard plastic black-or-grey box.

Lord knows where we’d be without Apple. It’s possible than without iPods and iPads and iMacs and the like everyone would be carrying around something resembling a Commodore 64 on their backs and taking off whenever the extractor fan kicked in.

So, this is all about trying to make laptops a bit cooler by painting them a different colour and convincing people to treat themselves. Y’know, cos it’s a different colour.

Pretty patronising stuff and, as all Mac marks like me know, all PCs are simply varying grades of bloody awful anyway, with their horribly frustrating operating systems and counter-intuitive interfaces.

Painting one pink and putting a sickly sound bed behind it ain’t gonna change that. It would be like putting a beard on Adrian Chiles and pretending he were Brad Pitt – underneath it there’d still be that Brummie accent.