Halifax adverts keywords

Halifax’s message to customers and potential customers, at the moment, seems to be ‘If you thought we were annoying before, you ain’t seen nothing yet’.

I can’t watch the Halifax adverts anymore, I simply turn over or leave the room completely. I’m virtually programmed to hate most adverts, but a lot of AdTurds readers seem to find a strange kind of equanimity when faced with drivel like this. Quite a few people actually like stuff like Go Compare, BMW Joy and Samsung Fucking Jet – the bloody idiots.

But no-one likes the new Halifax ads, the Google Analytics keywords prove it. Just about every keyword phrase is expressing total hatred for anyone involved in the ads. In fact, I’ve had to dispose of several comments because they’re too alarming.

So, much as I did with the Duffy coke ad keywords, I’ve reproduced the search engine phrases for the new Halifax ads, they say it all really.

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