Place your bets on how long Paddy Power’s new ad will be on screens

So, how long will this one last? Ads that feature anything that even suggests animal cruelty is on thin ice, and liable to get banned in the end, just ask Ford – who actually decapitated a moggy in ads for the SportKa a few years ago.

Of course, the ad doesn’t have the courage of its convictions. Despite telling us that there’s nothing that can be done for Tiddles, we get a shot of the cat at the end of the ad that shows it to be fine. Curiously, I’ve not noticed this in the ads that have shown on TV though.

Either way, there’ll be complaints, there’ll be apologies and there’ll be more media interest. Given that this ad is pretty irrelevant and generally uninspired – its enough to make you wonder why they went this this ad in the first place.