Ladbrokes World Cup Advert Doubles Up On Twattery

Oh, Lord. What on earth is this all about?

The ubiquitous and uniformly-awful Wright and the absurd Kamara, known to football fans everywhere as an idiot pundit, are dressed up as traditional English gentlemen and caked in mascara. Why? Here’s what Ladbrokes says of the M&C Saatchi ad:

The creative features a series of entertaining vignettes, some of which are 1960s themed, set to the tune of ‘Self Preservation Society’ from the film The Italian Job. Chris Kamara and Ian Wright give cameo performances extolling England’s chances at the World Cup. As the action comes to a conclusion, it becomes clear that we have been inside the mind of a football fan, watching his decision making process taking place. As we come out of his head we see him blurt out loudly that England are going to win the World Cup, however he has forgotten that he is at dinner with his girlfriend who looks very unimpressed with his inappropriate behaviour.

What a load of utter fucking bollocks. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever: it’s incoherent; it fails as an attempt to raise Ladbrokes’ profile; it fails to communicate a message, and it’s not just surreal, it’s actually vaguely disturbing.

The crushingly banal observation of Ladbrokes is that the ad communicates the idea that ‘having a bet is a fun, contemporary thing to do’. My thoughts on Wright are well-detailed. As for Kamara, he is to change his name to Chris Cabanga by deed poll in an effort to aid England in their World Cup campaign. The fucking tit.

Ladbrokes describes the World Cup as ‘the biggest customer recruitment opportunity across a four year cycle’, which is probably the most honest assessment of every business’s attitude towards South Africa 2010 as you’re ever likely to find.