Ford Kuga advert

Certainly not the worst advert ever – looks nice, clever theme – but certainly one of the more annoying adverts of 2010.

This advert for the Ford Kuga is the quintessence of the increasingly popular ‘singing noises’ genre that never fails to annoy me.

They’re usually quite twee and hippyish and advertising something that can be vaguely styled as green or rustic. Inanity would appear to sell.

This one is advertising a car, with a selection of human noises that sound like the sort of things that an annoying toddler may hum to himself for hours and hours, safe in the knowledge that it’s annoying the tits off everyone in the vicinity.

Sadly, I can’t give Ford a slap around the legs for this hideous piece of aural assault, but I may well kick the next Kuga I see.