‘I want one of those’ – Alfa Romeo Spotify advert

Truly one of the worst adverts ever heard, this Jack Davenport-voiced ad for Alfa Romeo has been turning up on Spotify recently for the Alfa Romeo MiTo; a car that, in AdTurds’ opinion, has been smashed around the front and back ends with a hefty ugly stick.

So it’s odd that the ad copy tries to suggest that simply seeing a MiTo is an earth-shattering experience that makes you say to yourself – breathlessly, of course, – “I want one of those.”

That’s never happened to me. I’ve always said “That is one ugly car from the front.” But that’s just me, and car design is one of the most supremely subjective topics imaginable.

What seems beyond any kind of critical dispute, however, is just how appalling the copy in this ad is. Davenport tries to inject some life into it, but it just makes him sound a bit strange.

Anyway, ‘show, don’t tell’ was clearly off the menu for whatever agency came up with this slot, which may be a new one to AdTurds; an advert that simply insists that you want to buy a certain product, even if you’ve never seen, or heard of, it.

Full script below:

Once in a while a car comes along that sets your pulse racing. You’re driving along in your perfectly nice little car and all of a sudden you see it, cooly gliding past on sport alloy wheels, its state of the art DNA technology set to dynamic drive.

Breathlessly you say to yourself: ‘I want one of those’…