Top ten AdTurds of 2010

Here are the top ten AdTurds of 2010, by traffic. They don’t really reveal how searched-for the ads were – the VanCompare advert is only so high because several outraged Sweet fan forums linked to the site, urging other Sweet fans to attack me – but as a good rule of thumb, these ads must have stood out from the crowd.

That may be because people loved them, hated them or just wanted the chance to see them again. Either way, with certain caveats, these ads made an impression. Make of that what you will.


2. Bing adverts

3. Mars – John Barnes rap

4. Halifax adverts

5. BT – Adam and Jane ‘What Happened Next’ results

6. WeBuyAnyCar

7. Carlsberg’s World Cup advert

8. John Lewis advert

9. Nike: Wayne Rooney – Caravan

10. Sainsburys: Jamie Oliver – Sausages