Shots’ ten best vids of 2010

Shots is a bit like the Face magazine to Marketing Week’s Financial Times of the advertising industry, though it’s not exclusively on ads. Assorted virals, music vids and trailers also feature in what is mainly a look at cool stuff and creativity within the industry.

It’s a bit wanky (they’ve got their own embeddable vid players for crying out loud – these people are serious multimedia nodes) but it does appeal to the part of me that admires adverts and the like as unique, intense art forms that can be absolutely superb. Shots compiled a top ten, well, things of 2010 – some of which are adverts.

No Go Compare, Halifax or Iceland here – though some old favourites and old enemies do rear their heads at some point.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Should Smell Like

AdTurds approves. Brilliant campaign, executed superbly.

OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

The latest iteration of Honda’s Cog advert. Impressive, but they didn’t exactly get there first.

Puma: Hard Chorus

Mmmmm. Juxtaposition. Well done.

Philips: DarkRoom

Stunning, but what the hell is going on? Little Blade Runner riff, more than a tad on the edge. Cool. But is that enough?

John Lewis: Always A Woman

No, no, no, no, no.

Nike: Write The Future

Soccergasm #1.

Dulux: Let’s Colour

I like stuff like this. Don’t care what anyone says.

Adidas: Cantina

A stilted, awkward cashgasm that’s not original in the least.

Nokia: Dot

Lovely little piece that combines nice visuals with showing off the product. Wonderful.

Levi’s: Ready To Work

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Not sure. Nice idea, now convinced by the execution. Next up: Phileas Fogg tries to turn Consett into something other than a shithole, using mignons morceaux.