Sex and loathing: February keywords on AdTurds

Here’s some keyword queries for AdTurds I dredged out of the Google Analytics account for last month.

They make fairly amusing – and often hair-raising – reading and , I think, a fascinating insight into what people are thinking while they’re watching TV.

As an anonymous method of sharing what’s on your mind – and far more anonymous than even Twitter or the like and therefore more interesting – its value to advertisers, marketers, publishers and broadcasters could be pretty significant.

However, I’ve just pulled out the ones that amused me or caught my attention. Sex and loathing seem to feature highly. What does that say about me?

what is the concept behind kia’s new advert?
make me into a cartoon
womensucking shitted cock
yoghurt adverts
go compare spotify lyrics cat getting bummed
bt adam and jane fuck off
adam and jane can fuck off
who is morgan freeman’s agent
morgan freeman to sue more than
sick of autoglass adverts
whats the point of ad
dildos shaped like vegetables for sale pulling microphone out of her vagina
jamie oliver sausages?
“larry lamb” wives
sexual violence adverts
butlins is shit
butlins is racist
fuck off rbs
what does chain reaction have to do with car insurance?
davina in rubber
davina mccall needed a poo
who is the fair haired girl in the natwest advert vagina
canesten duo ad feeling yourself gag
redknapp hanging out the back of it
aviva dead dad
fucking halifax adverts
cheryl baker fat
febreze twins
boots anoying fucking here come the girls
average profile of maltesers consumers
advert where woman puts her shit in her handbag
advert with 2 fat women playing a drum
“advert * * * * her shattering”
wish kris marshall would fuck off
we buy any car for fuck all
dirty doorstep shane ritchie
direct line annoying advert walnut advert vulgar
can a smoke sasuage be used as a dildo
can i have a cadbury’s finger please brian
cadbury brown bunny racist
i hate the redknapps
i get the strangest feeling you shag turds
godfather 3 is not an old movie twee ad
fucking wifes feet slipper
facts that are bad things about cadburys ‘eyebrow’
ethical implication of narwhal
fat twat from envirofone ads
craig doyles cock
overrated geordie celebs
nothing’s more annoying than smug bastards who say that that cheering up is easy
martine mccutcheon looks so fat in this ads
masturbatiom men and girls hen nights
last year we shaved peter the meerkat
kris marshall show your penis
jacobs creek ad cunts
jack davenport stiffy
what would david cameron look like with rubies for eyes
what does miss shit duffy mean
what car does emile heskey drive?
shane richie hair transplant wig
retarded child betty crocker adverts
richard branson is a turd
porky cocks
here come the sodding girls – again
you want to squeeze my buttocks together to make one juicy giant peach
why is there no oriental people in the advert?
where is the video of davina mccall and the acrobat with shit on his arse?