As Seen On AdTurds

Youtube has an ace new feature that builds a list of all the videos features on particular websites. In the case of its page for AdTurds it’s a roll-call of advertising shame. Most of the ads feature within that list seem to have a little note at the bottom of the video on the specific video pages. It says this.

As seen on AdTurds – Adverts That Are Shit

It cracks me up and strokes my ego at the same time. What’s particularly brilliant is that there doesn’t seem to be any way by the account holder to influence them so Harvester, for example, can’t change the stinging little nota bene at the bottom of its own advert on its own page.

BMW, Haribo, Bulmers, Harvester – perhaps a few others as far as I know. They all get that unwanted little footnote at the bottom of their ads.

Serves ’em right.