New Muller advert – RELEVANCE TO YOGHURT?!

Faced with this utter orgasm of cash, naff and drivel even an 18-month old would snort a derisive “Fück off!” and turn off the television.

Here’s a random sample – the four most recent responses – on the Youtube page for this ad. My favourite is ‘RELEVANCE TO YOGHURT?!’.

Knight Rider, Transformers, Yogi Bear, Mr. Men, Muttley, some other guys, and I’m pretty sure I saw Master Hand and Crazy Hand form Brawl make a rainbow together…

That made absolutely no sense, and seems a really clumsy attempt at a product tie-in. What the heck does KITT have to do with a bunch of cartoon characters, and what do any of them have to do with yoghurt?

I can’t really say why I hate this, but I do D:

I’m not really feeling like I’m being sold yoghurt watching this first ever knight rider/ Yogi bear/ transformers knock-off/ mr men crossover…

Talk about throwing enough stuff at a wall. Come to think of it, throwing yoghurt at a wall for 60 seconds may have made more sense.